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igroup Offers a Helping Hand

Following a great first quarter igroup is in the privileged position of being able to offer help, at this difficult time, to our local community.

The Coronavirus outbreak is causing an unprecedented challenge which will lead to many people ending up in financial trouble due to workers being forced to self-isolate.

The igroup team are keeping a watchful eye for any small community serving business or family who would benefit from a little support. From delivering a food parcel to someone in need to pre-buying something from a small business, every bit of help is needed to keep people afloat.

There are three options available, depending on the need of between 50 and 150 pounds for each case, with several thousand pounds being allocated overall.

All igroup employees are now working remotely and they are all fortunate to have job security whilst others face uncertainty. Therefore, we feel strongly that it is important to all pull together and support our community and are hopeful others will follow suit.

Steve Rastall MD commented, “I hope other businesses get on board with the idea of helping the more vulnerable at this time. If everyone does a little it could make a real difference.”