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igroup Enjoy the Distilled History of Gin Virtual Tasting Experience

igroup Gin tasting

At this fun and revealing gin tasting experience, Madam Geneva & Gent guided igroup employees through the extraordinary origins and backstory of gin.

From Old Tom and Mothers Ruin we explored gins meteoric rise to popularity sparking Britain’s first gin craze.

We learnt of gins dark influence on society and how in the last 300 years gin has fallen in and out of favour.

Madam Geneva & Gent sent the goods ahead of the agreed date: at which time, an expert was on screen to guide the tasting, answer questions, share the story of the various gins and provide all the tasting notes we needed to become an instant connoisseur.

The highlight of the event was a masterclass in mixing our own gin martini, which could be shaken or stirred.

If you are looking for a fun, new experience for Gin fans then this is the one for you. Hats off to Madam Geneva and Gent for adapting during the pandemic and making a virtual event so fun and interesting.

Dan Jones, Sales Development Representative at igroup noted, “Everyone was in good spirits and it was a good change from our weekly Friday quiz. It was a great way to end the week and start the weekend. I would highly recommend this event to any company working remotely to keep morale high. It was brilliant.”