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How hiring an NED has added value to igroup

Tom PhillipsOver the last year, igroup has benefitted greatly from the guidance of non-executive Tom Phillips, a highly experienced, commercially astute NED.

For the last ten years, Tom has undertaken a series of non-executive interim and consultancy roles. In 2017 Tom was recruited to advise the MD and management team of igroup.

Tom’s CV speaks for itself. Between 2003 and 2007 as Vodafone’s Director of Strategic Customer Management, Tom delivered a £75m business transformation programme and managed Vodafone’s mobile network infrastructure. Prior to Vodafone, Tom spent 8 years with the Caldwell group at Board level, helping to build the Singlepoint business from 20,000 to 2 million customers culminating in a sale to Vodafone for more than £400 million.

Tom has been able to bring an outsider’s unbiased perspective to the business, helping it focus on the most optimal path forward, rather than allow it to be steered by executives with a much narrower view.

Tom has introduced an incredibly valuable new skill set to the table, bringing outside knowledge and experience to the management team leading to an increase in profits and company growth.

Tom summed up his role by stating, “Over the last twelve months I have worked with Steve on various projects with the aim of ensuring the long term future and growth of the business.”