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Posts by Garry Forsyth:

Moving Your Custom Applications to the Cloud

Moving Your Custom Applications to the Cloud

When you’ve spent the time and money creating a custom application, it can be a big decision to move it over to the cloud, and one that you need to put a lot of thought into. Whilst the cloud is an amazing platform, it can be extremely difficult to navigate without proper training and many businesses don’t take full advantage of the additional benefits that are available to them.

Business Uninterrupted at igroup

At igroup, we work in an agile remote-working environment across our three offices, making us ideally placed to provide all services to new and current clients. Working from home practices are a normal part of our business operations.

Azure IoT is Growing at a Breathtaking Rate

Azure IoT is Growing at a Breathtaking Rate

Microsoft Azure cloud has been one of the most ground breaking advances the corporation has innovated in the last 10 years. The new generation of IoT solutions is expected to mould consumer behaviour, due to the integration of user friendly technology that unites everyday devices like cars, fridges, speakers and CCTV. Even data handling within traditional, heavy industries like automotive, agriculture and water processing are being disrupted as established technologies merge with cloud and IoT applications to harness the power of automation and machine learning within their core processes. Azure IoT also drastically reduces response time in mission critical scenarios. By having a closed loop of processing power around a “real world” device, customers are also reducing costs by choosing what data needs to be sent to the cloud.

Councils head for the cloud

Council services tailored to you, delivered to you

Councils are having rather a tough time of it at present. Local government funding will be cut by 43% in real terms between 2010 and 2015, whilst the inevitable impact on services is offset against remarkable strides forward in the private sector. When your Amazon package can be delivered in 30 minutes by a drone but contacting the right department in your local council is game of hit and miss, you could be forgiven for wondering is going wrong.