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Are you expanding your cloud infrastructure? How can igroup help

Our client, Valuechain, is a leading provider of smart manufacturing solutions, with applications that increase productivity, promote collaboration and provide additional intelligence to their clients.

Over the previous few years, they had made a number of business acquisitions to support their existing services, meaning they needed additional applications added to their portfolio in order to be able to continue servicing their clients.

Although they wanted to continue expanding, there were a number of issues that made this difficult. Firstly, they wanted to move to a single cloud infrastructure to reduce IT costs as well as to ensure that resources could be shared and reallocated whenever needed. They also wanted the opportunity to scale up their solution and deploy new applications in the cloud to keep up with customer requirements.

Valuechain had also found that their existing infrastructure was encountering a few performance issues which were beginning to affect their customers, so they needed a solution which had a good support mechanism to prevent this continuing to happen in the future. Whilst they had a good understanding of what they needed from the cloud, they didn’t have the resources or expertise in house to carry it out. They began looking for a cloud partner who could help tick off everything on their list and provide a solid plan for moving forward.

They approached igroup who began conducting a series of engagements in order to understand and plan the best infrastructure solution, and once this was decided on, they began working together to move all of the applications over. This allowed them to save time and money, whilst also giving them additional insight into how their applications were performing.

We have seen some great results with this client, click here to read the full case study to find out more.


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