Proof of concept

Ensure your digital transformation ideas will work with a thoughtful POC

If you are looking to implement a new system or piece of software, you naturally want it to deliver something more than you have right now.  Maybe you want to create automated workflows between systems, implement a touchscreen interface suitable for any device, or ensure a process isn’t complicated. After all, there are plenty of new features to leverage within Office 365 suite.

However, those ideas may raise concerns about the possibilities of how far you can push the application and whether user adoption will be positive. That is when proof of concept comes into its own.

What is a proof of concept?

The Proof of Concept is a prototype, a partial implementation of your project, designed specifically to identify or confirm any perceived risks, and mitigate any known risks.  We’ll agree on a scope before starting.  This ensures that the POC exercise is worthwhile and tackles any concerns.

What do you get out of it?

Our team will build the prototype within the same conditions of the proposed final project.  You’ll have the opportunity to test it with your own users. You’ll also be able to make minor changes to the Architecture or Specification raised from any issues or concerns discovered as part of the proof of concept.

We’ll provide a documented summary of the outcomes of the proof of concept and detail any impact this will have on the original Specification/Architecture.

Why is it important?

Reassurance – The Proof of Concept allows you to assess if you are over complicating your business processes, or not using the full potential of the Apps you have invested in to improve your business workflows.

Before making a financial commitment to the full project, you can eliminate risks. It’s also a perfect opportunity to test out the proposed architecture, design and interface with your employees.

Next Steps

After assessing your Proof of Concept, your business is now able to deploy.  If you need further assistance we can deploy for you.  You may also consider a customer care package to provide continued support and maintenance on the application or platform.

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