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Who Needs Turkey?

14th December 2018

igroup’s festive night out took place at Chester’s first Teppan-yaki restaurant, nestled on Chester’s City Road in the grand old antiques emporium next to the canal.

The Teppan-yaki restaurant serves traditional starters such as sushi and sashimi made from the finest fresh produce. The main course is an experience in itself, the theatre and showmanship of Japanese Teppanyaki cooking combine amazing feats of juggling, balancing and percussion with the creation of delicious food.

Our chef prepared the main courses on the teppan grill at our table. After flipping a grilled, diced potato at every member of the dining party to see if they could catch it in their mouth (only a few were successful), the food came thick and fast from the highly skilled chefs.

As well as aromatic vegetable rice and a selection of grilled-perfection vegetables came the teppanyaki-prepared meat and fish. There was a choice of sea bass, duck or steak. All were cooked to perfection.

Asian beer was sampled, and the wine flowed.

It proved to be a big hit with the team. Sarah, from our marketing department, reported back, “It had a fantastic impact on the atmosphere that evening. Doing something very different from the Christmas ‘norm’ really made the night and a great end to the year.”

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