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Tips for choosing a SharePoint consultant

25th February 2013

Choosing who to work with when looking for a SharePoint consultant is an important process. SharePoint is a major investment and it’s important that money is well spent. Plenty of people claim to be SharePoint experts and consultants, but some are more expert than others. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a SharePoint consultant:

Microsoft Partnership

Organisations that are part of the Microsoft partner network have worked hard to achieve accreditation. It benefits them as it is a prestigious mark, and it benefits the customer and partners have to have demonstrated competency to a Microsoft certified level – and often in areas of specific focus. Higher level partners must also employ a minimum number of Microsoft Certified Professionals and must provide client references to Microsoft.

Microsoft Certified Professionals

Microsoft Certified Professionals are specifically trained in Microsoft’s products and so those who have received certification can rightly be regarded as experts within their field. Where a complex and sprawling platform like SharePoint is involved this is particularly significant. SharePoint is a platform that should only be configured by those who know what they are doing – and what better than Microsoft’s seal of approval to demonstrate this?


Prince2 is a framework that can be used to help deliver projects. Actually, it’s not critical that Prince2 is used – there are a number of strong project management frameworks that can be employed to good effect. It is wise, however, to employ someone who has some formal project management training. This helps to ensure that any major work has been clearly mapped out, budgeted and all eventualities accounted for.

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