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The advantages of a dedicated SharePoint server

28th August 2013

A dedicated server avoid the pitfalls of sharing with other tenants

Shared server space is often perfectly adequate for hosting, but much like shared housing does have some limitations. In the same way that living with others may require some compromise in order to live harmoniously with one another and reap the rewards of reduced rent, so too does sharing a server. The costs are shared at the agreement of not doing whatever you damn well please. There may come a time, however, when you need to get your own place. And, as with living on your own, having a server to yourself has its perks.


SharePoint has industry leading security – as you might expect coming from Microsoft. Assuming its set up adheres to best practice, then it’s highly unlikely you’ll have any issues. Data security legislation, however, requires that the more sensitive the data you look after is, then the more tightly you must keep it secured. Shared servers aren’t going to cut it for the NHS or financial institutions for example. A dedicated SharePoint server means there are fewer point of potential access and will provide greater security for your data.


Being a sole resident means you’re free to put your own mark on a place and the same applies to server hosting.Dedicated hosting means that you can set up and customise the server to your own specific needs – and in the case of SharePoint, optimise it to run the platform as well as possible. With a dedicated SharePoint Server you also have the option of using custom web parts and templates at the web application and which may need server side configuration.


With your server configured to run SharePoint and hosting no other applications you will get the best possible performance out of it. Memory, disk space and processor power won’t be shared with other applications and you won’t suffer from slow speeds due to other applications sucking up resources.

Not all organisations need dedicated servers – and the costs are higher – but there can be big benefits to using them. Having a good understanding of your requirements will help you to make the most of those benefits and keep costs to a minimum.

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