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Why Our Team Love Working at igroup

24th February 2014

igroup is a lean, but fast-growing company. We have a policy of employing individuals who are great at what they do and can really add something to our team. At the same time, we want to be approachable, so we want our staff to be friendly and to enjoy their work too. This article provides a glimpse at what some of our staff enjoy about working here.

Friendly and professional

An overriding theme that has come out of discussions with our staff members is that they value the working environment that we foster. We like the work we do to be of the highest quality and we believe that a relaxed and friendly culture is key to this. Staff are free to contribute to any project to which they think they have something to add and are encouraged to take initiative in working on areas that they think will be of benefit to the company.

Lead SharePoint Architect Garry Forsyth explains, “You are given the freedom and encouraged to innovate when solving technical problems.”

“It’s always professional, but also aiming to do things the ‘fun’ way,” Chris Fennell, Head of Operations. “It’s a good environment to work in – relaxed and uniform-free.

Hugh Valentine, igroup’s SharePoint Technical Specialist says, “igroup’s a great place to work and really diverse environment. There are some fantastic people here.”


As well of offering staff the chance to work on their own projects, we believe its important to work in an environment where everyone can contribute. A healthy, collaborative environment is central to igroup’s philosophy.

“It’s a pleasure to work in such a collaborative environment, where everyone’s opinion counts,” says Adrian Gough, igroup’s Finance Director. “Work is so much easier, when the environment surrounding you is friendly and constructive, with no politics, and solid communication between all levels.”

Garry Forsyth says, “It’s good to be part of a business that’s always aiming to move forward and improve.”

Professional development

Not only is it in the interests of igroup to develop the skills of our team, but we believe that investing in staff development is the right thing to do. Staff-members are trained to a high industry standard and are given room to develop within the company. Experienced staff work with less experienced team-members to help them develop and we have a large knowledge base.

“We’re given great flexibility in our career paths,” says  Sergio. “We’re not restricted to the role we start in but can also contribute to sales.  It’s amazing how much you learn within a short time working here.”

If you’re interested in joining the team at a fast growing SharePoint specialist, visit our careers page to find out what roles we’re currently recruiting for.

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