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Social media and share point

4th April 2013

SharePoint and social media are both very important in business but for different reasons. Whilst SharePoint focuses more on collaboration and document-sharing, social media is more people-focused. Using SharePoint and social media together, however, can deliver a number of benefits for businesses.
SharePoint allows you to share information with other people. In addition, you can manage documents, organise schedules and publish reports for people to review. Social media platforms can be used to aid this collaboration, allowing you to maximize the benefits of document and scheduling with the benefits of letting workers and colleagues know any changes, but SharePoint 2013 has its own social features.
The platform now includes a newsfeed feature which allows the users to keep up with the latest updates to documents or changes in schedules. Users will have the ability to update their feed with a status. This is helpful when people are delayed or get caught up in something that will prevent them from getting to a meeting. In addition to following the newsfeed and staying updated, users have the ability to follow conversation that may be important.
Because SharePoint is all about organisation collaboration, having features that allow for social media connection enhances it greatly. SharePoint and social media allows you to share media which has changed the way organisations communicate. When documents need to be changed, updated or altered, this can be easily done in SharePoint, and circulated to whomever you need.

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