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SharePoint Online and the Cloud

11th May 2013

Traditionally, organisations have needed to have SharePoint deployed and hosted specifically for their use. The process itself, whilst allowing for control over the setup, can be time-consuming and costly. Now, however, Microsoft also offers version of the platform in the cloud that offers a number of benefits:

● Office 365 – You can purchase SharePoint in the cloud on its own or as part of an Office 365 package – meaning you don’t need to install software for either SharePoint or Microsoft Office. As both are Microsoft products, they are highly integrated and make sharing and collaborating on documents very quick and very simple. Documents can be authored at the same time and different permissions can be given to different users depending on who needs access to what. Searching for documents in SharePoint is easy and SharePoint’s security is excellent.
● Scalability – Because Microsoft manages the setup and hosting of SharePoint Online, you can quickly increase or decrease the number of users depending on the needs of your business. SharePoint Online allows your IT department to get on with other work instead of increasing server capacity and maintaining your SharePoint deployment. SharePoint Online will remain lean and efficient regardless of number of users.
● SharePoint Online now has SkyDrive integrated into it for simple cloud storage and sharing. Organisations and users can control permissions, as well as sync and share documents, collaborate with individuals inside or outside of the organisation and access content on mobile devices.
● Guest usage – SharePoint online users can invite external guests to view and/pr collaborate on documents. Organisations are not at risk as they do not host SharePoint online and Microsoft has excellent back-up and disaster recovery facilities.

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