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SharePoint and Yammer – How do they work together

2nd May 2013

Yammer is a social network designed for use privately within organisations. It was acquired by Microsoft in 2012 and has since been gradually integrated into SharePoint. The aim is to provide a better social / communicative aspect to collaborating in SharePoint. Users are able to set up groups for specific projects, chat and share files and the platform’s similarity to ubiquitous social networks such as Facebook and Twitter in certain aspects make it very easy to begin using.

In other aspects, however, Yammer also has more tailored and advanced features. Users access the platform via mobile devices to stay in touch with colleagues on the go. Company administrators can customize, control, monitor, and manage their Yammer account according to the company’s needs. API can be harnessed to develop business specific applications and Yammer accounts can be connected to external company networks for collaboration with partners and clients. Amongst other features, users can:

• Add robust Yammer feeds, private messages, and notifications tabs to SharePoint sites to facilitate team and company-wide conversations.
• Embed a lightweight Yammer mini feed anywhere in SharePoint to view and keep track of relevant discussions without disrupting workflow.
• Send links to documents, calendar events, and tasks from SharePoint to Yammer feeds for real-time collaboration.
• Find information with relevant Yammer messages displayed side by side your SharePoint search results.
• Import profile information from SharePoint into Yammer, eliminating the need to complete two profiles.
• Track unread Yammer messages from the SharePoint top banner.
• Automatically deliver activity updates from SharePoint to colleagues on Yammer.
• Leverage SharePoint authentication credentials to simultaneously log into Yammer through a single entry point.
• Manage the Primary Yammer Web Part using SharePoint’s built-in controls and templates. Choose to configure read-only Yammer feeds so that users without Yammer accounts can also view conversations

Yammer’s integration has provided a huge boost to SharePoint’s communication tools and its continued development will only improve SharePoint as a collaboration platform.

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