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SharePoint 2016 Edges Closer With Beta 2 Release

9th December 2015

Microsoft are moving closer to the SharePoint 2016 launch date with the release of the second beta version of the software alongside a beta for Project Server 2016.

The launch builds on the IT Preview Version that was released earlier this year and adds a number of additional features that give a wider audience an experience of more of the built in features that will add to functionality.

The new features added to the latest Beta version include:

Profile Sync

Profile Synchronisation expands on the ability to use Single Sign On across software using Microsoft Identity Manager.  This particular feature will be highly beneficial in larger enterprises and when users are accessing multiple software packages across the Microsoft Stack.

The Profile Sync features are fully cloud enabled as you would expect from SharePoint as part of Office 365, but also simplify the use of a single identity.

Hybrid App Launcher

With the blurring of lines between Office 365 and SharePoint, it’s essential that Microsoft add more to the app functionality and the new launcher system is intended to provide seamless integration of SharePoint into the wider business structure and enable fluid sharing of information between applications to improve workflow.

Data Loss Prevention

Improved protection of data is expected as part of the full enterprise SharePoint roll out, and the new Beta includes the full suite of data loss prevention tools that will feature in the final version.

Release date?  Soon!

While the latest beta isn’t yet ready for full roll out – in fact Microsoft specifically advise against using it in the production environment, it is more stable and includes many more of the features that will be present in the final version of the software.  Launch is still expected in Q1 2016.

Need Help with Upgrading?

SharePoint 2016 will offer much improved integration with Office 365, and as such we expect many organisations to elect to upgrade to the new software in the early part of the release cycle to enable improved sharing of information.  With our access to the preview versions of SharePoint, we’re looking at the optimum upgrade path for our clients, and putting in place plans to migrate data into the cloud for SharePoint 2016.  If you’d like to talk to one of our consultants about your upgrade path, please contact us today.

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