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SharePoint 2010 – Still valid

22nd May 2013

Although SharePoint 2013 has now been available for some time and is rightfully gaining plaudits as an excellent collaboration platform, SharePoint 2010 is still a viable choice of platform for many organisations – and even now many are choosing to upgrade to SharePoint 2010 from SharePoint 2007 rather than go straight to SharePoint 2013.

The main reason most organisations would choose to go with SharePoint 2010 rather than 2013, of course, is to keep costs down. SharePoint 2010 has an excellent feature set, and whilst SharePoint 2013 may have more weapons in its armoury, its really a matter of working out what your organisation needs. If your organisation doesn’t require some of the features that SharePoint 2013 offers, then why not stick with 2010 and save yourself some cash? Here’s a reminder of the killer features that SharePoint 2010 offers:

Social features – Whilst social features have come on a great deal in SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 still offers features such as My Sites, wikis and blogs. Depending on the size of an organisation, it’s social media presence and/or its staff communications setup, SharePoint 2010 may be all that is required.

Business connectivity – SharePoint 2010 allow organisations to connect SharePoint-based solutions to external applications and data sources, meaning business can create tailored means of working.

Digital asset management – The proliferation of multimedia means that it is increasingly important for organisations to keep their assets in order. SharePoint 2010 includes a library designed for managing and sharing digital assets such as audio, video and images, meaning organisations can organisations and deploy multimedia easily and quickly.

Health monitoring – SharePoint Health Analyzer, which is part of SharePoint 2010, enables SharePoint Server to automatically check for potential configuration, performance, and usage problems. Organisations can keep track of deployment performance easily, ensuring that more time can be spent in other areas.

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