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Powerful CIO Insights into your SharePoint Strategy

20th March 2017

CIOs are looking to create a holistic and engaging employee experience. Employees engage with many different apps and systems (SharePoint, Yammer, Power BI, OneDrive, Office Video, etc) so bringing all these business systems together in a way that is purposeful and intuitive for their user’s unique tasks is essential.

Increased Adoption of SharePoint

Providing a more intuitive user experience in SharePoint is the key to user adoption. To get there, organisations must stop thinking about these technologies as individual business systems, and start converging technologies in a way that reduces complexity for the end user.

Challenges in Moving Towards SharePoint

If you are looking to provide a more engaging, collaborative, mobile experience, the focus should be on the user experience across multiple business systems, especially SharePoint. If your launch plan requires extensive user training on multiple business systems, it is overcomplex and will overwhelm users.

Streamlined technology to deliver an enhanced Consumer Experience

By consolidating multiple technologies and displaying just the right information to the user in the context of each task, you will deliver a significantly more engaging employee experience. For employees, working with the most complex enterprise business systems should be similar to how they work with apps on their phone. A “consumer-like” experience, with no training required, they have a task and there’s an app for that. This approach drives significantly increased adoption of SharePoint and Office 365.

SharePoint Strategy

When setting your SharePoint strategy, think about SharePoint’s integration with other Office 365 systems (Yammer, OneDrive, Office Video, etc…) and the enterprise business systems your employees are using, and provide better user engagement across those systems. Digitally transforming your business, while removing technology as a barrier, has a tremendously positive impact on your corporate culture.

Additional Insights

We are now experiencing the era of the cloud. The cloud is more than just moving your datacentres from on premise to the cloud.

On the surface the cloud supports the world of mobile, making your data accessible any time, any place, and on any device. But at a deeper level the cloud supports services that otherwise would not be affordable or maintainable by smaller businesses. Services such as Artificial Intelligence provide the ability to deliver insights into data and drive the user’s experiences and productivity, as well as impact business outcomes.

“New cloud services provide businesses with a competitive edge over those businesses that failed or delayed their adoption to the cloud.”

Best Methods for Implementation

Typical drivers for implementing SharePoint are increased collaboration, productivity, and improved employee engagement.

Businesses place a high priority on employee and knowledge retention with simplified access to applications from anywhere, on any device being paramount.

To achieve these things, inspiring CIOs need to look at SharePoint as part their entire digital transformation journey.

Businesses should be planning a scalable digital workplace that will fit their current needs and grow along with their users as their needs change.

If you can empower your users to accomplish their daily tasks without the need to become experts on all the various business systems they engage with and give them with a consumer-like experience, you have set a successful digital strategy.

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