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Steve Rastall, igroup MD introduces optional private health care for all employees

8th February 2019

All igroup employees have been offered private health care through Vitality Health. It combines Private Medical Insurance with an equal focus on better health, by helping the member stay healthy.

A recent perk which has been rolled out to everyone is a full health MOT. The health check focuses on blood pressure, Body Mass Index, glucose and cholesterol levels. It’s amazing how a simple check can make such a difference, with most of the team now really focusing on improving their health.


The aim of the health check is to prevent the need for the cure and minimize the risk of any unexpected health events.

After the screening, the professionals discuss the results with you and provide advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of future health issues.

Vitality encourages you to lead a healthier lifestyle and reward you for doing so.

Ben Charlton, Technical Account Manager at igroup, really appreciated the opportunity to get a complete health check commenting, “You get a ten-page report. It was very thorough and they explain all the results to you. Having had previous abscesses on my liver, it was reassuring to get the all clear.”

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