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New features in SharePoint 2013

27th March 2013

With the newest release of SharePoint hosting in 2013 by Microsoft come several exciting changes to the software. Some of these changes are based on user demand and some are well overdue. Here are some of the best reasons to consider moving or updating to SharePoint 2013:


The analytics feature in 2013 has taken a huge leap forward. With a powerful new focus on major search engines, SharePoint becomes a tool for improving and understanding result relevance. Usage reports are quickly generated in Excel, allowing for greater customisation and data manipulation to help spot and report trends.


In previous versions of SharePoint hosting, the FAST query search was an additional application with a separate license and configuration that needed to be tacked on to the main program. In 2013 FAST is fully integrated into the software, leading to better query driven searches.


The newest version features a streamlined user interface that’s faster and cleaner than ever before. This allows for easier integration with smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices. Performance has also increased overall, with greater stability especially in the new App Model feature.


As a result of its better performance and the power of query-driven searches, SharePoint hosting can now offer even faster and easier publishing options than before. The Content Search feature searches for text on the current page and locates additional relevant sources that may be of interest.


Taking cues from the popularity of social networking, SharePoint has created a social feature of its own that allows workers to keep tabs on one another’s projects. Users will be able to follow both people and topics, enter into discussions and receive content search results that may interest them further.

Cloud Storage

Microsoft’s SkyDrive Pro, their answer to Apple’s popular cloud storage system, will allow for greater connectivity. Documents can be created and uploaded from any device and, with cloud storage

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