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Microsoft to Donate $1Billion in Cloud Services to Non-Profits

26th January 2016

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that the company will donate $1 billion worth of cloud services to charities, educational institutions and other non-profits over the next 3 years.  A total of 70,000 organisations are expected to benefit from the donation which will include Azure, CRM Online, Office 365 and SharePoint.

The initiative is intended to provide better access to cloud technologies and aid non-profits in making their services more accessible to users while reducing their managed cloud costs significantly.  Services will be delivered over the next 3 years and include both donations and discounts.

The full application process and acceptance criteria haven’t yet been fully outlined by Microsoft, but are likely to remain the same as previous initiatives through Microsoft Philantropies involving legacy software.

The launch was announced during the Davos conference where Nadella was talking about the use of the cloud for public works including research and communication:

“Cloud computing is the most transformative technology of the generation.  Now more than 70,000 organisations will have access to technology that will help them solve our greatest societal challenges and ultimately improve the human condition and drive new growth equally.”

Microsoft Philanthropies along with the Business Development group, will deliver the Affordable Access Initiative to at least 15 countries around the world by mid-2017.

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