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Microsoft launches portal to aid SharePoint adoption

11th September 2013

Discover SharePoint is aimed at encouraging end-user adoption

As with all software packages, SharePoint is only as useful as you make it. For all its costs and features and potential, if your staff-members don’t know how to make the most of SharePoint and or don’t see the benefits in it, you won’t see the return on your investment that you might otherwise have hoped for.

SharePoint is a huge and highly customisable platform. As such, no two deployments will be the same and it’s absolutely critical that organisations run a tailored training and adoption strategy for any SharePoint deployment. There are some aspects of a strategy that always remain the same though to encourage adoption and before any training can take place:

  • Staff-members need to know what the benefits will be to the organisation
  • Staff-members need to know what the benefits will be to them
  • Practical examples and demonstrations should be provided to help staff-members relate

It’s really important that staff understand why SharePoint will be important to an organisation and can see the benefits in practice before any training takes place. This helps with both buy-in amongst the workforce and improves the success of training.

To help drive Sharepoint adoption within organisation’s, Microsoft has launched Discover SharePoint. The portal, aimed at supplementing an organisation’s training and adoption strategy, provides information on SharePoint from the different perspectives within an organisation (such as HR, Sales & Marketing and Finance) so as to help different departments understand the benefits.

In their announcement, Microsoft explained:

“This new site is a great place to go for end users to discover SharePoint and learn what’s in it for them. The site features various business scenarios, along with a set of how-to videos and guides to help people get started.”

The site also features a ‘use case catalog’ an adoption guide and an adoption kit available for download:

As workforces become increasingly tech-savvy, it’s encouraging to see Microsoft making information for end-users available in this way. By providing information for different areas of an organisation, it will help to make the adoption process within an organisation smoother.

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