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What it’s Like Working at igroup

15th March 2017

igroup is a fast growing, fast moving business where our team work closely together to deliver major digital transformation projects for clients around the world.  We have close relationships with our clients that ensure goals are properly understood and that the work we carry out contributes to our clients’ success in the long term.  The team are all experienced and collaborate to ensure that knowledge is shared and that all staff move forward together.

This is what makes working at igroup special!

Steve Rastall, Managing Director

Every day is different.  We’re in an industry that is changing fast and a lot of businesses need support and advice to keep up and take advantage of the opportunities out there.  Within igroup we’ve built a fantastic culture that’s really geared towards giving our clients the right outcome.  The different teams within the business work closely together and even though we’ve grown fast, we’ve been able to maintain a great culture where everyone is valued and plays their part in our continued success.

Chris Fennell, Client Services Director

My role gives me the chance to sit face to face with our clients and see the changes that our technology and services bring to businesses.  I can go into meetings confident because I know how good the quality of our work is, and I’m proud of the team’s ability to deliver.

Garry Forsyth, Head of Technical

Being part of a closely-knit and talented team is fantastic.  All the guys here work hard to keep the business moving forwards, and the support we get to develop our skills is first class.  I’ve learned a massive amount over the years since I joined the business, and progressed in my career rapidly thanks to the commitment that igroup must developing staff.

Ben Charlton, Technical Support Specialist

Since I started working at igroup I’ve had massive opportunities to learn and develop my career.  The support here is fantastic, and because everyone’s voice matters, I feel valued and contribute to how we develop as a business.

Danny Williams, SharePoint Analyst

For me, working at igroup has been good.  Being surrounded by hard working people in a fast-moving industry is inspiring and I’ve learned a lot – not just about SharePoint and the Microsoft Cloud, but also about business – I’ve got a much better commercial understanding of the benefits that we bring to our clients because we have a much closer relationship with them than at larger companies.

Pete Watt, Project Manager

Since starting at igroup I’ve really loved how closely the team work.  Everyone always has time for their colleagues and everyone’s voice is heard.  I feel that I’m getting a chance to learn more and develop more than I have in the past, and that I’m able to contribute to the success of the company in a direct way.

Alexandra Kolhorn, Assistant to the MD

The team at igroup have made me feel welcome.  I work closely with Steve and the management team, and I’ve been highly impressed by both the quality and knowledge within the business, and how well this is used to provide clients with what they need.

Pedro Pedrosa, SharePoint Developer

Support and development are two of our main areas of business, but they’re also characteristics of what working at igroup is like.  As staff, we get a lot of support to learn from the management team, and they invest heavily in helping us develop our abilities and skills to ensure we can do a good job for clients.

Adrian Gough, Head of Finance

At igroup the team works together really well.  The culture is highly innovative and collaborative – we practice what we preach!  We’re fast to respond to change which means that staff are always learning, and we provide a lot of support to the team to ensure that they can do a great job for our clients.

More about igroup

igroup offer a full range of services to help businesses make the most of SharePoint and Azure.  From initial cloud consultancy and project workshops through to ongoing SharePoint support and SharePoint hosting.

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igroup is a fast growing Microsoft Gold Partner that offers rewarding careers across a number of disciplines.  To find out more about our current opportunities, please visit our careers section.

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