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Improved Back-Ups in Azure

4th January 2016

Microsoft have announced that they’re improving the way Azure can back up data for users to ensure that it provides the levels of security required by enterprise.  With the new services, it’s now possible to protect up to 54TB volumes on servers.

The improvements, which are fully supported by our own Cloud Control software mean that businesses can now be more confident of keeping their application data safe in the event of any downtime.

The new services cover all major application types including SharePoint and SQL server and are available to igroup clients as part of our azure support service.

Back Up Data Faster

One of the key motivations behind our development of Cloud Control was the need to provide a robust way of protecting customer data in the cloud, and the improvements in Azure mean that our technology can now be deployed to make the process of backing up information on a regular basis more efficient using USN Journal technology to ensure that only files which have recently been changed between backups need to be updated in the archive.

This can lead to a reduction of up to 50% in the time taken to update files, and reduce the compute requirements – saving costs.  Another benefit of this method is that it reduces the cache space required on a volume previously this was 15% but now it can be smaller to reflect the fact that not all files need to be processed each time.

For more information about how igroup’s Cloud Control software works to extend Azure functionality, please get in touch with us, or download our information pack.

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