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igroup Roll Out New Intranet and Practice What They Preach

25th September 2019

September has seen the introduction of a new intranet at igroup, changing the physical entity of the office beyond recognition.

With the introduction of the new SharePoint intranet, igroup can harness the best talent regardless of geographical location.

Perhaps the strongest benefit of the new intranet is the productivity gains from connecting our staff to the tools, information and people they need to do their jobs. Collaboration is essential to effective business performance, and this requires access to information and people. With employees around the UK and Europe, it is essential that our communication is flexible, open and fast.

A further benefit of our new intranet is providing the opportunity for remote working whilst ensuring communication and collaboration continues. This flexibility equates to better work/life balance, reduced business overheads and an improved company culture.

igroup now offer a new professional service called SharePoint Assembly Service which provides the assistance to businesses to assemble an intranet in SharePoint easily, without customising the platform. Having piloted it within our company, we are confident other companies can use it to create an atmosphere where employees feel empowered to collaborate with each other and optimise their performance.

Ben Charlton, Technical Account Manager commented, “The new intranet has greatly improved communication between departments and has made it much easier for me to stay in touch with the team when I’m on the road.”

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