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Igroup Publishes Collaborative Working White Paper

27th November 2013

Igroup has published research into collaborative working software

igroup ltd, a growing UK-based SharePoint provider, has published a white paper examining collaborative working  in business and the use of productivity software to help with its facilitation.

‘Collaborative Working 2013’ looks at how organisations can support remote working with cloud-based collaboration solutions. It also discusses the increasing importance of mobile devices for collaborative working and the role that they will play in the future.

The report notes that a growing number of people are working remotely and that organisations will need solutions in place to ensure that remote workers can contribute effectively. It goes on to discuss the merits of the main of cloud-based collaboration solutions that are currently available, Office 365 and Google Drive.

Managing Director of igroup Steve Rastall said, “Remote working is an increasingly important issue for organisations. This research from igroup outlines the important differences between the collaboration software platforms that are available and the increasingly significant role that mobile devices will play.”

Collaborative Working 2013 also details the difficulties involved in version control of documents and the different ways that they can be tackled.

Download Collaborative Working 2013.

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