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igroup Ltd Launches New Website

7th August 2013

UK-based SharePoint provider igroup ltd has launched a new company website

 igroup ltd, a growing UK-based SharePoint firm, has launched a newly designed website. The website provides details of the SharePoint services that the company offers, hosts expert articles published by its staff and better reflects the company in its current guise.

The newly launched also features a refreshed brand. The brand includes a reworked logo that is cleaner and more simple than the previous version whilst company literature is to take on a friendlier, more accessible tone.

Managing Director of igroup Steve Rastall said, “igroup is a leading SharePoint provider with a wealth of experience, some outstanding talent within the company and year-on-year double-digit growth. We now have a website and brand that reflect the level and ambition of igroup.”

The project was led by Warrington based web agency Pixel Cellar.  Managing Director Tim Marshall said:  “Rebranding a company like igroup has been a particularly pleasing challenge. The company has a reputation for being both highly professional and very approachable, so our objective in developing the brand was to combine a modern, crisp visual language with a human touch.”

igroup specialises solely in SharePoint, offering hosting, development, deployment and consultancy. The firm has high-levels of expertise within its business and has seen double-digit growth for seven consecutive years.

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