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igroup celebrates new friends and new services

13th June 2018

At the beginning of this year, the business rolled out a revised portfolio of services which has been a great success.  Our services were split in two-‘Professional Services’ and ‘Managed Services’, distinguishing between ongoing managed services-hosting and support, and professional services-a structured project with a clear goal in mind, such as migrations and software upgrades, moving hosting providers, increasing or decreasing IT infrastructure.

The change enabled us to price our professional services, making them an affordable and effective business decision for the customer to change cloud provider, upgrade their intranet, carry out minor development, and even perform a health check on existing environments with no long-term commitment in a new service provider.

Our teams’ technical ability to deliver positive results across all our professional services is clear when we look at the amount of new and existing customers that have signed up with igroup as a long-term commitment.  We’ve welcomed some big names this year such as Motability, Xeros Technology Group, and Hydrogarden Wholesale Supplies Ltd, and some familiar names to igroup like Canon Medical Systems Corporation, IMI Hydronic and Community Integrated Care.


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