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customising your SharePoint

20th March 2013

SharePoint a Microsoft web application that was first released in 2001. It is primarily a plaftform aimed at facilitating collaboration and its main uses are website deployment, content management and document-sharing. Many different types of sites can be easily created on Web pages, documents lists, calendars and data. Like most platforms, there are standard themes, however, if you want to deviate from the preinstalled themes and create your own then there are ways and advantages to doing so.
To create custom themes, you must create additional color palettes, font schemes and master pages. When complete, the files get loaded to the theme gallery and the master page gallery before being deployed to a site. It is not difficult to create new color palettes in SharePoint 2013. Begin by going to ‘Site Settings’ and then to ‘Themes’. You can then select a color palette that you like to download. Everything that is needed to change the colors is in the file.
After you change the color of your palette, you can continue to customise the look of SharePoint. Open your browser and navigate to ‘Site Settings’ underneath the ‘Site Actions’ heading. Under the ‘Look and Feel’ section, you can easily change the title and follow up with a new description.
Now you are ready to apply a theme to your site and to modify your site content. You can change any part of the design list, document library, discussion board or survey under the site actions tab. Under the site administration and libraries, you can make changes to the libraries and lists. The changes that you will make are based on the specific section you are modifying and each section will have three categories – the settings for each section including the name and descriptions. The columns can be changed or modified with more or less information. The views can also be modified and adjusted.
Customising SharePoint is not as difficult as it sounds, however, there are professional SharePoint services that can customise or modify your SharePoint deployment to save you the time and ensure that it looks as good as possible.

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