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Designing to scale in cloud

11th September 2018

Scaling in the cloud

Scalability is the common word in cloud talk today but is it an important aspect of cloud planning?

We believe it is, and it’s an area that is regularly overlooked.

The team at igroup have helped numerous businesses resolve existing architecture which didn’t plan for all aspects of scalability.

The lure of an out-of-the-box Azure or AWS cloud solution would appear at first to provide an easy answer to creating a cloud environment.

But if you sit down with a cloud expert to professionally plan your architecture, you soon realise that opting for the out-of-the-box method could never prompt the kind of questions an expert can.

When planning a cloud environment, scalability should continually pop up as a question.  If it doesn’t, something isn’t right.

In the same way that physical hardware needs to scale, for example, the motherboard which only has two slots and but now needs four, cloud architecture needs the same flexibility.

One would assume that because it’s an Azure or AWS cloud, this problem wouldn’t arise, but it does.

What kind of things need to scale?  There are things associated with an environment such as storage growth and location, licenses, compute power and performance requirements – the list is vast.

But there are also external factors to consider that create demand such as – is your business seasonal, do you plan to increase your number of employees, is your business project run with peaks and troughs.

Most changes within a business are likely to impact the clouds requirements.

Did you know: out of the box cloud architecture doesn’t provide an environment suited to your business needs.  You could quickly run into scalability and cost issues.

How do you plan for the unknown?

The answer is to design architecture that can scale without impacting on performance or costing more than it should and to achieve that takes experience-there are no two ways about it.

In an ideal world, scalability would be linear, however, in reality, it is stepped, meaning how to scale and when to scale can have a large impact on performance and cost, which can be in both a positive and negative direction depending on your business requirements.

So how do you plan?   Speak to an expert.

The cost of an architecture workshop or cloud assessment is minimal costs compared to what money you might waste.

We’ve regularly reviewed existing architectures, both old and recent, and been able to save up to 30% of the annual spend which in most cases, is at least a five-figure saving.

Why choose igroup

We may be one of many Azure Experts or AWS Consultants in the UK, but our service speaks for itself through the longevity of our customer base.  Our cloud team have an intimate knowledge of the Azure and AWS landscape and pricing models.

As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner and Amazon AWS Partner, we’re able to advise customers on the best choices for them and help them stay ahead of their competitors with the best performance and service.

We’ll ensure you receive the scalability, performance, and availability you need with the resilience in place to back up your business.

Our cloud team provide a full suite of services to help you achieve your business objectives in the cloud.

  • Forecasting usage
  • Migrations
  • New architecture and advice
  • Manage your workloads in the cloud
  • Bring stability to your pricing

Find out how we can help you

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