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How Azure helps you achieve digital transformation

21st August 2017

As CIO, why is driving digital transformation important to you?

An inspiring Digital Transformation strategy has the ability to unite and drive an organisation’s key digital processes. IT software and services sit at the core of most modern businesses and powers their productivity and reporting structure. Digital transformation has the ability to drive a business’ culture to be responsive, adaptable and scale up quickly.

A solid IT framework is the key to achieving a sustainable digital transformation strategy

Businesses that are able to grow and scale quickly have solid, reliable IT architecture and software that unites their essential business processes on a robust, flexible and scalable architecture. Robust business processes are woven through the heart of the business via the sales, ops and finance functions for seamless, end to end control, productivity and insight. These successful businesses run their IT architecture on a core cloud platform that is adaptable, scalable and reliable.

The 4 pillars of digital transformation

1. Empower your employees – to produce their best work from anywhere, at any time
2. Engage your customers – they expect new levels of connection from their suppliers
3. Optimise your operations – IT infrastructure that runs core business processes
4. Transform your product – to adapt quickly to changing business needs

These pillars are driving expansion in 3 areas:

Accelerated cloud adoption
Increased application and network integration
An order of magnitude increase in attacks along all threat vectors

Azure and digital transformation

With a global network of datacenters and extensive portfolio of collaborative software, Azure is uniquely positioned to help companies transform their business by achieving the 4 pillars.

• A global, rich and rapidly expanding trusted public cloud – The Azure datacenter footprint spans the globe, with Microsoft’s software ethos entirely based on collaborative ways of working that unite both on site and remote workers
• Strength in both business and consumer worlds – Office 365 and Azure allow individuals to store their data in the cloud and access it from any device, delivering truly responsive customer engagement
• Hybrid strength – Microsoft is unique in having a firm stance in both on-premises customer datacenters and the public cloud, which unites the IT department’s resources, delivering true flexibility and keeping pace with migration projects within the cloud journey
• Open source-friendly – supporting both Windows/.NET, open source and Linux, Azure has the ability to “join up” business processes, making applications talk to each other and become truly collaborative. – this avoids business processes becoming siloed and breaking down

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