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Adopt the “AMG line” approach to your Azure architecture

9th August 2017

 How do you make something good even better? The answer is dependent on what you are trying to make better. For example, if you look at buying a premium car like a Mercedes or BMW, you could go one step further and buy a tuned-up version like those from AMG or Alpina, but this would only be of real benefit if you were an experienced driver capable of handling the advanced performance.

Similarly, in the IT world, you would take your product and fine tune it to ensure you can better manage it. This is what igroup have done with Azure using their Cloud Control Solution because nearly-one third of organisations using the cloud have no form of resource management.  This is like giving a learner driver the keys to your AMG Mercedes.

Moving to the cloud needs a culture change

Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud is not just a one-off operation. It is a big-step project that requires a culture change to ensure that proper ongoing management processes are central to your operations after the move.

Cloud Control has been designed to do this. It handles the day to day management of your infrastructure – scaling resource, scheduling back-ups and applying patches – to improve security and make your life easier.

This provides benefits for:

• VM monitoring – improved performance and availability
• Networking – load balancing
• Active Directory – authentication & security at no extra cost
• Backup & recovery – storage is replicated 3 times in one region then duplicated in another

Improve security and availability while reducing costs – Cloud Control has been calculated to save up to 40% on your Azure costs, all while delivering improved security and 99.99% availability – higher than even Microsoft’s data centres!

It includes:

• Cloud configuration
• Network architecture
• Security settings
• Software updates
• User authentication
• Monitoring
• Disaster recovery
• Firewall
• Anti-virus and anti-malware.

You can access your cloud updates at any time via your own Cloud Control console. This gives you immediate access to your server environments and detailed performance reports. Our Cost Control service upgrades your Azure Cloud to “AMG line” performance levels, whilst reducing your costs.

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