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4 things to look for when selecting a cloud vendor

23rd January 2019

There’s a business risk to moving your software product or service to the cloud. There’s so many variables to consider.  So much could potentially go wrong, and at the end of the day, your software is part of, or possibly your primary business function. You can’t afford for hiccups or failures and that’s why so many businesses haven’t made that leap.

We believe that because of the unique services igroup offers, the journey for software providers to the cloud is de-risked, flexible, affordable, and supported.


De-risking the project

Why eat into your business margins? We find so many software providers considering carrying out the move internally.  Your developers should develop, not migrate, create and maintain servers.

The temptation to use your technical team to work on this challenge won’t have factored in that it is a large learning curve, and there’s plenty of room to potentially get a number of aspects wrong.

Those wrong decisions won’t stop your move and they may not even hinder it at first.  But there’s a strong probability they’ll cause infrastructure and cost problems further down the line.  It’s one of the things we’ve learnt from many clients–getting it right first time saves money.

Having that technical experience to optimise environment, budget, performance, architecture, and availability, as well as best practice to manage monitoring, security, network management, patching is invaluable.   Picking the right service and vendor will help you balance those costs for all attributes to deliver the best possible solution for you.

Flexible approach to suit your goals, not ours

We’ll help engineer a balanced solution that works for you, with services that were created with flexibility in mind. Your new cloud migration plan and proposed architecture will compliment your businesses goals and timelines.

During the consultation process, we’ll advise what services you’ll benefit from most, but we will also look to tailor each of those services to ensure you get the result you require.

Choosing the right options for your budget

We’re flexible, independent, and agnostic – we’ll tell you if there are cheaper options.  How many companies have you already spoken to that have tried to lock you in to a hosting contract through them?  Or encourage you to use a specific cloud provider?

To us, choosing a cloud provider is like choosing a commodity or brand.  At the end of the day, it’s your choice and all we can offer is our best advice. Choosing a vendor to supply that commodity is again, another choice. And again, all we will do is offer our best advice and all the options available through us or direct with the providers.

Actual support not lip service

Support in your time zone from 3rd line experts that will help you solve slow server problems and work out if a problem sits with infrastructure or software.

igroup started out as a software developer.  Today, we support a lot of software vendors in their journey to the cloud and their tenancy, but we’ve also been a software vendor developing apps in our early days and since 2010, hosting and maintaining customised SharePoint installations for businesses across the UK.

Our support isn’t read from cue cards via first line support like many mainstream providers.  It’s delivered by 3rd line experts specialising in infrastructure as well as development. They’ve been with us since our early years and take immense pride and pleasure in helping our clients. We recognise that this is an important part of our service because it’s regularly commented upon from almost every new customer.

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