Controlling costs within the cloud has never been more of a higher priority for inspiring CIOs. Retaining budget control and delivering accurate cost predictions to the CFO is paramount to keeping the business profitable.


The Current Landscape –  the IT Costs Challenge

  • Complex pricing matrices for cloud providers makes budget control challenging
  • Regular pricing and currency fluctuations can cause significant IT cost variances and ongoing escalation
  • Patchy knowledge of server and VM environment setup causes wastage of IT budget


Our IT Cost Control Solution

igroup’s IT Cost Control analyses data, usage and configuration within your Azure cloud architecture to perform a full ITFM cost audit. Our bespoke software allows you to make the weighty decisions of your cloud strategy, with the backup of solid financial data. Budget alerts enable tight control of your server settings to immediately tame spiralling cloud costs. Our software and methodology optimises your cloud infrastructure, so you only pay for services you actually use, typically delivering tangible cost savings of 30% of your overall IT spend.

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  • Confidently visualise your total cloud spend
  • Brings real-time prediction to IT costs – accurately forecast cloud costs with a detailed level of insight
  • Test various cloud architectures to model the financial impact
  • Eliminate the “black hole” in IT costs – deliver total accountability
  • Eradicates wastage of IT budget
  • Features a user dashboard for detailed business intelligence and financial modelling
  • Efficient running of all cloud systems – avoids the cost impact of downtime
  • Reconcile all licenses and running costs
  • Identifies downtime to identify potential SLA claims
  • Complete billing transparency – avoid errors of overbilling
  • Make sense of complex pricing matrices
  • Identify the true impact of “supplier markup” and support costs
  • Saves admin and analysis time – increases efficiency

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