IT Cost Control Service

Control and reduce your cloud costs and get thoughtful insights into your usage

Our software service, IT Cost Control, helps makes the weighty decisions of your cloud strategy, with the backup of solid financial data delivering effective cloud cost management.

What is ‘IT Cost Control’?

igroup’s IT Cost Control is an IT Financial Management (ITFM) solution which helps customers track, monitor, gain insights and control their costs for Microsoft Azure and AWS services.  The software is an option within the customer care packages.

What do you get out of it?

You can save further on your monthly bills.  The software provides detailed usage reporting and insight that helps you to realise substantial reductions in your costs of up to 30% each month.

The cloud team will do the heavy lifting. We’ll analysis costs by resources e.g. Subscriptions, Regions, Resource Groups, Tags and Service types, ensuring your environment is not costing the earth and is performing, all within agreed parameters.

We will provide you with monthly recommendations and opportunities where you can optimise your cloud costs, often with very little change or impact on the service.

Why is it important?

With better oversight of your usage patterns and visibility of how actual usage compares with capacity, gives you the ability to reconfigure your environment to better reflect your real-world usage providing immediate opportunities for cost saving. You can also benefit from budget alerts enable tight control of your server settings to immediately tame spiralling cloud costs.

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