ISV Supported Technologies

  • Cloud environments designed for your application
  • Fully certified Azure or AWS consultant support
  • Ongoing analysis to maximise application performance

Supporting your software development

Your business is built on the quality of the technology that you deliver to your customers and at igroup we know that the cloud platform you choose to migrate to is a critical piece of your service. By working with us we deliver:

  • A cloud platform that is optimised for the technology you use
  • Access to fully certified consultants to support your move to the cloud
  • The ability to concentrate on your solutions not your infrastructure
  • An efficient high-performance cloud solution to meet your needs

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Cloud solutions tailored to your technology

One of the biggest concerns for ISVs migrating to a cloud-based app delivery model is compatibility.

Complex software needs such as hosting MongoDB in Azure and replicating an existing server configuration can be difficult to manage, however our specialist team have experience and can help.

During the migration planning process, specialists from igroup will work closely with our you to review existing solutions and optimise the cloud infrastructure to meet the specification.

At igroup we can provide a range of specialised hosting configurations including:

  • Hosting MongoDB in Azure and AWS
  • Supporting .NET in AWS and Azure
  • MS SQL Hosting in AWS and Azure

Our consultants will work with you to create an efficient high-performance cloud solution to meet your needs.

We can help ensure that your application works as it should in the cloud .

  • Experience in working across multiple sectors
  • UK based teams
  • Direct access to Microsoft and Amazon

Dedicated support to improve your application performance from our fully certified and accredited team.

Why work with igroup

Working with igroup to support your move to the cloud means that we ensure all your requirements are covered including:

  • Architecture flexibility to account for future business changes
  • Additional security requirements in addition to out-of-the box solutions
  • Management and support
  • Expert consultants to improve application performance

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