ISV Consulting Services

  • Migrate your software and applications to the cloud
  • Work with experts to planning and optimise SaaS hosting
  • Get help to improve business process and profitability

Expertise as part of your team

At igroup we specialise in working with software developers who want to use the cloud to deliver a higher quality service to their customers, improve performance and increase overall business profitability.

Our expert Azure and AWS consultants will help push an existing software solution to a wider market, provide a stable infrastructure or launch a new SaaS service model.

The team will provide impartial, expert advice and guidance by:

  • Understanding your business goals and objectives
  • Analysing your existing solution to see how it can be replicated in the cloud
  • Advising on the cloud solution (either AWS or Azure) which will best meet the needs of you and your customers
  • Specifying and planning the right infrastructure solution for you
  • Managing the migration and providing ongoing support

If you would like to talk to one of our consultants to discuss your requirements in more detail please contact us for more information.

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Experience that counts

Our team have supported software SaaS providers across a range of markets and sectors including:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Professional Services
  • Marketing and Media

If you are looking to reduce your cloud costs, optimise your existing cloud infrastructure performance, want a provider that treats your infrastructure and expense like it was their own, or have a chat about your cloud plans? Phone 0203 697 0302.

Why work with igroup

We bring additional expertise and knowledge to your business which allows you to concentrate on delivering solutions to your customers, not managing your infrastructure.

Our consultancy services give you:

Expertise in architecting and deploying applications into Azure and AWS environments

Optimisation of your cloud infrastructure to improve application performance while managing costs

Security and peace of mind knowing that end users will benefit from more reliable and available access to your software

Management and support for Amazon or Microsoft Cloud

Build & operate workloads following best practices

Monitoring, incident management, reporting, change management

Proactive support and incident response

24x7x365 alerting and reporting

Full infrastructure and environment automation

Access to expert cloud architects and engineers

Database, operating system & application support

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