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ISVs can benefit from 30% reduced cloud costs and better application performance with igroup

Cloud Cost Optimisation

Traditional cloud sales models can be expensive and eat into your margin when it comes to delivering your software as a service rather than selling individual licenses.  That’s why we developed our IT Cost Control Software, which offers constant optimisation of your cloud environment based on demand so that you only pay for the compute that you use – rather than what you don’t.

Minimising your cloud infrastructure costs can result in increased profitability for your app, or the ability to build customer base quickly with reduced billing.  Our cloud management service optimises cloud resource in real time to scale as needed and means that your environment dynamically changes to meet consumption needs and reduce your bills.

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Reducing Cloud Costs for ISVs

As your business moves to a SaaS model for software distribution, it’s vitally important to control costs at all times.  We developed our IT Cost Control systems to manage our own cloud consumption and benefited from savings of more than 30% due to the ability to scale resource in line with demand.

By offering the same technology to our clients, we allow them to benefit in the same way – a dynamically managed cloud environment where machines are scaled up and down on demand, and where compute and storage are delivered when needed.  The key benefit of IT Cost Control is that it allows you to run a lower level of VM when you don’t need high performance and switch instantly to a higher performance tier when customers need access to the application.

This coupled with a robust approach to brokering cloud services means that ISVs working with igroup can benefit from substantially reduced costs, and improved application performance that benefits end users.

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