“Creating an Intranet as dynamic & innovative as your business”

  • Functional - it does all the stuff you need and much more, rewarding users for their engagement
  • Your brand’s unique styling is the essence of your intranet – running seamlessly through your whole workspace for an immersive user experience
  • Empower your workforce with immediate access to their vital tools
  • Save time and money - your digital hub creates efficiencies within workflows and optimises your business processes
  • Personalised collaboration – CIO insights suggest the convergence of collaborative tools like Office 365, Yammer, OneDrive etc, to be essential to driving a unified social Intranet platform

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Prefab Code Frameworks

We speed up your SharePoint application development by using Prefab code frameworks. Upon receiving your project specification, first we try to configure SharePoint core software’s “Out of The Box functionality, if this is not possible we will search our Prefab library for existing code frameworks. If a Prefab code framework is not available we build the application to your specification using custom code.

The advantages of “Prefab” Code frameworks

  • The code is fully customisable to your line of business needs
  • The code is fully tested and supported by igroup
  • Prefab code is more resilient to changes and updates to the core architecture of SharePoint
  • Reduces your project costs and saves time

Prefab SharePoint frameworks we have developed:

  • Intranets and Extranets
  • Meeting Room Booking Portal
  • Custom Branding & Forms
  • Responsive templates
  • News Reel applications
  • Mega menus
  • SharePoint Project Management module
  • Holiday booking area

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