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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

igroup is committed to carrying out our business to the highest ethical standards of honesty and integrity. Please review our policies and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us

Last update: 12/04/2022


At igroup we are committed to building a long term business that provides value for our customers in managing their cloud infrastructure. While doing this, we also recognise our commitment to environmental, social and governance policies.

Social responsibility

igroup is proud of its culture of respect and empathy for all of its workers as well as the general public. Diversity and inclusion are key drivers of our success and creativity, as seen by our hiring and pay practices, as well as our daily culture. We feel that a varied range of perspectives and backgrounds is beneficial to igroup's overall company.

The heart of igroup’s employee benefit programmes is physical and financial wellness. We reward our employees with a salary that is competitive with the market for employment with equal or identical skills, credentials, and experience.

These are intended to assist employees in meeting their individual financial requirements. Other policies, such as our safe workplace practices and leave policies, help our employees balance their work and personal lives.

igroup pursues philanthropic initiatives via our charitable donations, details of which can be found on our blog from time to time.

Environmental responsibility

igroup is aware of the world's environmental concerns and is dedicated to doing our part to conserve and maintain the environment. igroup will take ecologically responsible measures that are proportional to the size of our company and our ability to make a difference.

igroup relies on the use of AWS & Azure data centres to provide services to our customers. igroup has partnered with two cloud providers who are working toward making a positive environmental impact: AWS and Microsoft.

igroup’s green initiatives include our office locations, our registered office is on an eco-friendly smallholding and our head office is based at The Heath in Runcorn where there is a focus on an environmentally friendly footprint.


The Managing Director and leadership team of igroup maintain strong governance. The long-term vision of igroup includes paying particular attention to the use of ethical business practices and smart risk management. This includes adhering to all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies when it comes to corporate governance

igroup is dedicated to doing the right thing in every circumstance. At igroup, every employee is expected to act in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards and put the needs of our customers first.

igroup will be providing updates on our blog on our ESG endeavours, such as updates from our supply chain and also our office footprints.

ESG articles 

For more ESG related new stories please head over to our blog


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igroup Supports Grassroots Football

Having heard a local under tens football team needed raincoats to allow them to play in all weather, igroup decided to sponsor them.



Picture of Michelle Cowley 

As a thank you to igroup for completing our epic virtual journey from our head office in Cheshire to our office in Portugal to raise over a thousand pounds, Alder Hey have sent medals and tee shirts for all the team who participated.



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Company cars going green

igroup continues steps towards its green policy by achieving the 2018 goal set out to reshape the fleet, removing all company-owned vehicles which were powered by fossil fuel.


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