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Forged in the cloud, tempered with technology

Working with the cloud since 2010

igroup has developed CAMS technology to automate and simplify managing AWS and Azure. 

igroup is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and Amazon AWS partner delivering consultancy, development, support and hosting of software services in the UK. igroup started out developing software on mobile devices. The company grew rapidly and by 2007 had moved into the Microsoft space focusing on SharePoint, then Azure in 2010, and more recently AWS.

Back in 2012, we identified that businesses were suffering from the same repetitive issues around cloud configuration and maintenance, disaster recovery, anti-virus, and malware protection, both prior to, and following on from a move to the cloud. We created a piece of software called Cloud Control which then evolved into our CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS). This empowers IT departments to take control and manage their infrastructure.

In 2017, we identified another widespread problem within businesses across the UK. Managing IT infrastructure in the cloud can very quickly run up expensive monthly costs. Most cloud solutions do not provide a straightforward way to track and analyse your usage, or set budget alerts. igroup created IT Cost Control (This then evolved into our CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) an IT financial management solution, which is now typically saving businesses up to 20% of their overall cloud spend.

In 2021, we launched the CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS)  our always-on cloud support and management solution which reduces costs and ensures optimum infrastructure performance. It can be implemented across any existing or new AWS and Azure environment letting customers focus on delivering applications and services, not managing their cloud infrastructure.

We continue to strive to improve the customer experience using Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Company Established!

igroup was founded by Steve Rastall and began selling mobile devices and developing in .net.

Current management team joined!

Garry Forsyth and the Chris Fennell joined the business and are part of the senior management team today.



Move into SharePoint

The launch of SharePoint in 2007 led to increasing demand among igroup’s clients.

Fast Growth!

With increasing customer numbers, igroup were recognised as a HOT 100 company by Insider magazine. read the article here



Development Team Expand

igroup expanded its development team to become one of the largest SharePoint specialists in the UK.

Move into Azure!

igroup was the first to deploy SharePoint into Windows Azure. igroup team were invited to Redmond USA by Microsoft



igroup quickly grow Azure footprint

Within 12 months we were managing a cloud spend of over £500,000

Cloud Control Launch!

igroup evolved into one of the top users of Azure globally. We launched Cloud Control (This then evolved into our CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS)) to help clients mange their costs effectively.



Another milestone

Over 1000 cloud virtual machines (VMs) under management for customers.

New Headquarters!

igroup purchased their new head office in Cheshire, and opened a new office in central London.



Focus on Azure

igroup launch version 2 of Cloud Control to include our first set of cost control tools (This then evolved into our CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS)). We saved some of our existing clients 40% of their annual Azure spend.

AWS partner status

igroup increases its commitment to Amazon AWS due to customer demand and to provide an agnostic cloud service.



Launch of IT Cost Control

Recognising the need for improved billing data for Azure, we built IT Cost Control (This then evolved into our CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS)). This new solution provides big data analysis of Azure usage to provide granular reporting about infrastructure use.

Primary focus on AWS and Azure

The savings and client feedback from our cloud technology convinced the management team to become evermore cloud focused as a business.



igroup introduce remote working

igroup reduce their office space and launch a hybrid, remote working model, with a significant investment in systems and cloud infrastructure

New Infrastructure Tools

Cloud Control and IT Cost control are combined and expanded with auto healing, enabling a 24/7 service.



Launching CAMS

Following years of investment and development, igroup launch CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) software, which delivers a proactive monitoring and management solution for customer cloud environments.

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"igroup's management team have a vision to make cloud management automated via technology. This is why CAMS evolved."
Tom Phillips
Non Executive Director