SharePoint Health Assessments

Microsoft certified experts to assess the condition of your Microsoft based technology

Any infrastructure that has multiple platforms, applications, and firmware, running for a lengthy period, can inevitably suffer from compatibility problems and benefit from a health assessment.

And we’re sure that almost every business, has at one time, set up something IT related for one purpose, which has morphed into something else entirely and to add to the pain, employees have moved on taking the knowledge with them.

The team at igroup believe there’s nothing like that peace of mind when you receive results from a test or report clarifying exactly what’s going under the proverbial bonnet.

So why wouldn’t you seek out an unbiased check-up on something that is so integral to how your business functions from time to time?

SharePoint check-ups

What is a health assessment?

Our Health Assessment service is designed to provide an appraisal of your existing SharePoint farm against the documented boundaries, limits and best practices associated with the relevant platforms.  It also provides added focus on a specific area if you believe there is a problem.  It can be carried out either as a remote or on-site assessment.

What do you get out of it?

The assessment works in the same way a service on a vehicle is carried out – it’s irrelevant who built the environment or how old it is – we will perform the assessment and deliver an unbiased, detailed compliance report providing a rag status against each item – pass, warning, fail.  You’ll also receive recommendations within the report to correct any problems.

Why is it important?

Again, just as you service your vehicle, we believe you should consider how you look after a core environment that sits across every aspect of your business. With the constant stream of application updates, patches and new threats within the world of IT, it’s not worth taking the risk to jeopardise your business.

There are other reasons why you might consider carrying out a health assessment too.  It could be that your business needs to upgrade SharePoint to maximise integration with other applications or require the ability to scale your infrastructure, or it could be as simple as reviewing your security. We’ve even conducted Health Assessments to provide a form of independent accreditation.

Next Steps

Once you’ve received your Health Assessment, you’ll be in a much stronger position to choose the best course of action with the ability to cost your new architecture accurately.  You could even consider opting for a managed service that looks after it for you, avoiding the same position again.

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