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SharePoint FAQ

SharePoint is a powerful platform that offers flexibility. It works with other Microsoft Technologies including OneDrive and Office 365 to facilitate collaboration as well as managing documents to provide workflows and access control that make workplaces more effective.

What is SharePoint Used For?

SharePoint is a flexible application that can be configured to perform a wide variety of roles within an organisation.

At its most basic level, SharePoint is a document management tool which organises your files to make them more accessible to different groups within an organisation.

The features of SharePoint mean that it can be used for collaboration between colleagues who want to work on a document at the same time.

The document management system can also be developed into a full-scale SharePoint intranet for a business that adds in extra features such as calendar apps, or expense claims systems. It can also be used to organise training information.

Coupled with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint can be used to organise conversations and help teams find information quickly.

Through Customisation, SharePoint can also help organise business processes. The creation of workflows in SharePoint can help to ensure that tasks are completed by teams in a standard way.

Is SharePoint Free?

SharePoint Online is included in some Office 365 subscriptions. This is the cloud version of the software which complements the latest productivity applications very well and frequently receives new features.

SharePoint is also available as a standalone application which requires specialist hosting. Typically, SharePoint is paid for on a license basis dependent on the number of users on the platform.

How do I access SharePoint?

Organisations typically use SharePoint hosting which is either internal within the business and can only be accessed by staff or those using a VPN, or as a cloud application which is accessible through

In most cases, SharePoint will be available as a folder you can access documents through in other Microsoft Office software.

Can you access SharePoint from home?

Depending on how your organisation has configured SharePoint, you may be able to access documents when working remotely.

If you are using an on-premises version of SharePoint such as SharePoint 2019, you may need to use a VPN to access the platform. If you are using SharePoint Online as part of Office 365, you should be able to access it from anywhere through your normal web access to

Does SharePoint come with Office 365

SharePoint Online is included in some Office 365 subscriptions and is also available as a standalone option.

Depending on the type of subscription your organisation uses, teams may be able to use SharePoint. You should contact your supplier to find out whether a license is included.

Is SharePoint user friendly?

When configured properly, SharePoint is unobtrusive and can be used in place of a traditional file manager. The latest versions of SharePoint work efficiently and provide background services that make other applications work more collaboratively.

Historically, using SharePoint could be more difficult – particularly if it had been poorly configured and that did harm adoption in some organisations, however using SharePoint Online based intranets or document management systems is very streamlined and intuitive.

Do I need Support for SharePoint?

SharePoint is a complex application that is connected to multiple areas of a business. Within a typical SharePoint deployment, there are multiple functions that need to be regularly monitored including the hosting, directory structures and connections to any extensions or applications.

SharePoint Online receives regular updates from Microsoft that add features and extra functionality and, in some cases, this can cause issues with unconventional set-ups.

Having an experienced support partner in place who can monitor your SharePoint deployment and manage any issues is recommended. Proper maintenance and regular health checks reduce the risk of downtime that could affect productivity, so having some kind of SharePoint support contract in place is highly recommended.

What is the file size limit in SharePoint?

The maximum file size for SharePoint Online is 15GB while for SharePoint 2016 the limit is 10GB.

Any file attached to a list has a maximum size of 250MB.

The maximum single transfer within SharePoint is 100GB.

What are the storage limits in SharePoint Online?

Depending on the subscription model you choose, the storage limits can vary.

For most Office 365 customers using SharePoint, the maximum amount of storage available as standard is 1TB for the organisation with an additional 10GB per license. This is in addition to the OneDrive Storage that is assigned to each license through the Office365 subscription.

Per site within SharePoint, there is a maximum storage limit of 25TB of data.

What’s the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint?

Simply put, OneDrive is an online folder system where users can store individual files.

SharePoint Online adds a variety of other features on top of OneDrive. In addition to file storage, SharePoint also adds collaboration features and the ability to report on data and usage more effectively through dashboards.

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