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Find out more about Azure, AWS, and CAMS

Adopting new technologies in your business can transform the way you work and make your teams much more effective.

At igroup, we work with a variety of different platforms to enable our clients to achieve their goals.  Knowing how these platforms work and the advantages they have is important.  We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about Azure, Amazon Web Services and CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS) to provide information.

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Learn More about AWS & Azure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a public cloud that offers the ability to scale applications and manage complex solutions to business needs.  With AWS, organisations can virtualise their infrastructure in a secure public cloud environment.

Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud platform. Offering global scale and flexibility in terms of how you can deploy applications and store data, it is a cloud platform that can be tailored to provide the infrastructure for multiple solutions.

Learn more about CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS)

Our always-on cloud support and management solution reduces costs and ensures optimum infrastructure performance. CAMS can be implemented across any existing or new Azure and AWS environment letting your business focus on delivering applications and services, not managing your cloud infrastructure.

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Additional resources

We have also provided a number of additional resources including the following:

White Papers

AWS & Azure Glossary

AWS and Azure Term Comparison 


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Key Benefits

  • Save money on your AWS and Azure costs 
  • Stronger SLA's than AWS and Azure 
  • Inbuilt security and monitoring 
  • Plug and play, complement or outsource cloud management
  • The team has over 50 years of experience in AWS & Azure