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Thoughtful development for SharePoint using our ignition methodolgy

Spending time during SharePoint development can feel frustratingly slow.  But it’s that time spent on planning, brand and design, configuration, integrating apps, and adding extra functionality which makes the investment worthwhile. That’s where our experience can help you make the most of SharePoint project across both mobile and desktop.

What is development?

Our Development service is used to create or implement your project. During this phase, final designs are completed, software code is written, testing and user testing is carried out, and finally, a deployment package is handed over.

The development can be carried against a fixed specification or through a flexible and staggered approach to your project if your business is not ready to complete a full specification.

What do you get out of it?

If you’ve followed the specification and/or proof of concept route, your development project will be a fixed price based on your agreed specification.  This route offers clear expectations and time-scales.

If, however, you’re not ready to commit to a large-scale project, unsure of your next steps after a Roadmap workshop, or want to put some time into smaller, quick wins, your project would fall under ‘Agile Development Credits’ and development is based on time and materials. This route offers you the flexibility to develop the most important components that deliver the results for your business sooner.

Our team will provide project management throughout the duration of this service and provide further documentation if required.

Why is it important?

Without configuration and development, users would experience the vanilla interface and possibly clunky sign-ins, still needing to work across multiple systems, which all lead to low usage and frustration.

We’re not suggesting that you should ditch other apps though.  There are numerous Azure Apps to choose from. Within the Office 365 suite, is an app called Flow.  It works, in the same way, Zapier or PieSync do-sending data between applications.  Where Flow excels past its competitors, is the integration, not only across the 365 stack but also to many none Microsoft software applications.  It can seamlessly connect to almost a staggering two hundred applications.

Next Steps

Once you completed the development stage, you are ready to deploy and migrate if necessary.  If you’ve taken advantage of one of our pre-built App Frameworks, you might consider Application Management and a support package.

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