Deployment Service

Certified experts to deploy your solution

Smooth deployments rely heavily on thorough planning.  If you’ve chosen Azure or AWS or SharePoint with its rich functionality for your business, it may be very tempting to rush planning, architecture and even design, but almost all instances, the outcome is fraught with problems, failing to maximise features and hampers adoption.  Experience and planning are key.

What is deployment?

Our deployment service is designed to enable smooth delivery of infrastructure, services or a SharePoint farm within Azure or a client’s own infrastructure.  It is carried out by a certified professional and typically takes between one and ten days depending on the size of the infrastructure.

What do you get out of it?

We will deploy and configure the environment agreed with you during the architecture phase. Once completed, we’ll hand over the environment and provide assistance in setting up users.  We’ll provide full documentation if required post-deployment which outlines the key features and functions, and any changes which were required that differ from the original architecture document.

If we’ve provided multiple options through our Architecture report, you can choose one of the options or combine aspects from each and if you have existing architecture, select aspects from that to create a hybrid or brand-new architecture.  We’ll help you through the decision process, so we can deliver a successful environment.

Why is it important?

It’s important to take the time to get your deployment right the first time around, so you avoid missing business deadlines and spend valuable resource working out what went wrong.

The cost of using our deployment service is relatively small when compared with the cost and resource savings that can be made by using Cloud Control and IT Cost Control designed specifically for cloud technology, or the overall cost of the investment into an intranet that improves collaboration, efficiency and communication generating a positive impact on your business.

Next steps

After deployment is completed you can begin populating data.   If you have a significant amount to transfer, you should consider using our tried and tested migration service.  We also offer several customer care packages for businesses of all sizes which can be discounted on completing a deployment. They provide a level of support and management of the environment that suits your needs.

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