Support contracts as you need it for AWS & Azure

We understand providing Technical Support and Consultancy for platforms, infrastructure and applications must be on your terms to suit your needs and that’s why we offer three levels of support contracts to choose from.

What is CloudOps?

There are three levels of technical support contracts you can choose to suit your business needs and budget.  We support Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure public cloud platforms, which is provided by your choice of communication – phone, portal, email, and Skype for business.

What do you get out of it?

We’ve designed our CloudOps packages in a way that supports businesses of every size, no matter how small or large your business is.

You’ll get access to our team of certified specialists who are all based within the UK and have extensive knowledge of both AWS and Azure platforms. Each member of the technical team must stay up to date with the latest changes to each piece of software by siting regular technical assessments and exams.

We can also provide weekly reports with a detailed level of business intelligence and statements including alerts when you’re nearing your fair usage allocation of support and consultancy.

92% Satisfaction Rate

Why is it important?

Choosing a CloudOps package boosts your access to the technical skills it takes to maintain and manage cloud platforms. It also offers peace of mind not having to worry about training or hiring skilled employees if someone leaves your business.

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