Cloud Operations

We’re Azure and AWS experts who pro-actively monitor and optimise your cloud infrastructure based on usage changes and service/cost changes to maximise both performance and costs.

Operational Efficiency

If anyone ever tells you the cloud runs itself – don’t listen! Yes, there’s a lot of automation above the infrastructure level that can be managed by tools, but you still need to know what you’re doing.  The infrastructure itself shouldn’t be considered as a one-off task either.  You need an infrastructure management plan in place.

In the same way, you service your car, the inner working of a cloud environment needs a regular tune-up.

With the right tools or service, you’ll have better oversight of your usage patterns and visibility of how actual usage compares with capacity, giving you the information, you need to reconfigure your environment to better reflect your real-world usage providing immediate opportunities for cost saving.

When you host directly with Microsoft or AWS, you won’t receive any alerts informing you of cost increases throughout the month and only see the damage in your monthly billing.

The difficulty comes with knowing what choices to make in AWS and Microsoft’s detailed config options.

Did you know?

AWS and Azure pricing can change every month affecting your monthly billing.  By choosing igroup, your pricing is caped for the duration of your 1, 2 or 3-year contract, eliminating spikes in your billing.

Peace of mind

Here are three reasons why you should consider working with a certified partner.

  1. Managed – We will actively manage and optimise your cloud infrastructure by taking ownership of your regular maintenance schedule and settings using our own software – Cloud Control.  That includes cloud configuration; network architecture; security settings; software updates; user authentication; monitoring; disaster recovery; firewall; anti-virus; and anti-malware.
  2. Tracked spend – AWS and Azure pricing changes every month which affects your monthly billing.  By choosing igroup, your pricing is caped for the duration of your 1, 2 or 3-year contract, eliminate spikes in your billing.
  3. Further savings – Our team optimises your costs and performance by collating your data in our own bespoke software and analysing configurations to better reflect your real-world usage leading to immediate cost saving.

We’re experts at cost assessment

Most of the new accounts we review can benefit from an immediate 30% annual saving. Our cloud team will do the heavy lifting, analysing costs by cloud resources and adjusting configurations.

Whether you choose igroup OR want to stay with your existing provider, we can still offer this cost assessment service.

Saving businesses 30% on their existing cloud costs

CloudOps – support

There are three levels of support contracts you can choose to suit your business needs and budget. We support Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, which is provided by your choice of communication – phone, portal, email, and Skype for business.

Choosing a CloudOps package boosts your access to the technical skills it takes to maintain and manage applications.  It also offers peace of mind not having to worry about hiring skilled employees if someone leaves your business.

We’ll be able to help you resolve platform issues with virtual machines and networks, DNS, Authentication and Authorisation, and load balancers (look at our CloudOps page for more detail) and receive access to support materials and an on-site training session.

Delivering outstanding support & consultancy

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