igroup were great throughout the whole process, and helped to ensure we had a smooth migration across to Azure.

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Cloud Console helps make sense of complex cloud invoices and usage reports.  Our software automatically reconciles costs for each VM you’re running against a cost centre to provide you with the information you need to find opportunities to save money.

Manage your Cloud Costs

Cloud Console and igroup help your business manage your Azure cost more effectively:

  • Transparent view of usage and cost for each machine
  • Costs assigned automatically to departments or business function
  • Usage reports help you review infrastructure requirements and manage costs

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How Cloud Control Works

One of the biggest challenges with managing a virtual infrastructure in Azure is managing your billing effectively.  Cloud Console provides real time cost analysis that assigns spend to individual machines and allows you to easily see which machines are being used and for what.

Cloud Console provides fully itemised and transparent billing for our Azure clients and improves visibility of cloud costs within the business.

With Cloud Console, you can easily see which machines are being used and manage your infrastructure more effectively.  Our team provide clients with rich insight into how machines are being used and provide feedback to help you manage subscriptions and change machine types to ensure that the best possible deployment is in place.

Reducing Management Overhead

With Cloud Console, you can spend less time reconciling Azure bills, and more time on strategic priorities to help your organisation make the most of the cloud.

Our Clients

igroup works with organisations in many sectors to provide solutions based on SharePoint and Microsoft Azure.  Our key clients include:

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