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Which cloud service is best for software vendors?

Selecting the right cloud service for your business is probably one of the most common misconceptions still made today.

The cloud offers many services and features and this list grows on a monthly basis, however, at its core, the services and features can be summarised into 3 main categories:

SaaSSoftware as a ServiceSaaS is pure software which is hosted for you in the cloud for which you can consume either directly as an end user or API for a bespoke application. Typically, these are API’s which can be consumed by your own software such as Cortana APIs.
PaaSPlatform as a ServicePaaS are platforms which are hosted and managed for you in the cloud for you to consume, however, some management of the platform is performed by you such as backups and deployments. Web Sites and SQL Azure are examples of PaaS in the cloud.
IaaSInfrastructure as a ServiceIaaS are infrastructure components which you can create and manage which allows you to build and manage your own infrastructure on top of your chosen cloud provider for your hosting needs. Typical examples of IaaS are Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks.

The choice appears clear on principle descriptions but it’s the practice of putting your choice in place that usually hinders a cloud project.

As a software vendor, the preferred approach or goal is typically PaaS.  This allows the cloud to handle most of the Infrastructure while your business can concentrate on the software.

However, moving to PaaS with an existing application which wasn’t architected for PaaS services is no trivial task.  The services are rarely 1:1 feature equivalent with their non-cloud counterparts, therefore IaaS is typically the fall-back option in the event PaaS isn’t feasible or cost effective.

Customers wanting the most flexible and portable option would generally be better suited to the IaaS route, while customers creating brand new software may prefer to maximise the benefits of PaaS services to speed up their time to market.

However, sometimes a varying combination of the two may allow you to maximise the best of both worlds. If you’re unsure, speak to one of our experts about our architecture service.

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