Cloud Expertise
Transitioning your software to the cloud

We’re the cloud infrastructure experts who don’t just deploy you to the cloud because we must, we hand pick and utilise the services and features that benefit your software/application.

Bringing your software, applications, and code to life in the cloud

You’ve got software or an app you want delivering from the cloud.  We specialise in helping you push an existing software solution to a wider market, stable infrastructure or launching a new SaaS service model.

Either way, you’re focused on developing your software, achieving your end goal, and don’t need the distraction of researching, managing, and maintaining your infrastructure to simply host your solution.

You may need to integrate your app or software into existing resources. If you already have other solutions you need to connect too or have existing infrastructure, a hybrid solution, or on-premise infrastructure, moving to the cloud can appear daunting.

We focus on supporting software vendors, making the cloud work for their solution

Did you know?

igroup have been early adopters, transitioning software hosting infrastructure to the cloud since 2010. We’ve learned a thing or two about cloud infrastructure along the way.

Experts in planning, scaling, performance, and optimising SaaS delivered environments

Choosing to use a cloud agnostic partner makes sense to overcome these distractions but choosing the right partner can also be a minefield with so many options out there.

igroup’s technical team are all AWS and Microsoft accredited and will act in a consultative capacity, offering impartial, expert advice and guidance during your discovery stage, on the best cloud options that will suit your project’s needs. Once a tailored solution is chosen, we can work with you to build, deploy, and maintain the infrastructure.

The cloud team can manage the day to day running of your environment – OS patches, upgrades, monitoring, as well as continuing to optimise spend, and keep you apprised of any performance, scalability, and capacity issues, freeing you up to concentrate on your software and clients.

What makes us different?

We’ve been in your shoes.

Our experience isn’t just about supporting our customers.  We understand the intricacies that sit behind a software solution in the cloud and are experts in delivering optimum environments to ensure a flawless experience which exceeds customer SLA’s.

The technical team prides itself on knowing each customer’s environment in great detail, understanding the background and needs of the account.

Our team supports companies that offer global online insurance, data intelligence services, marketing and web development agencies providing hosting, and online manufacturing software providers, optimising their environments and re-structuring on request.

To us, you’re not just another customer.

Are you looking to reduce your cloud costs, optimise your existing cloud infrastructure performance, want a provider that treats your infrastructure and expense like it was their own, or have a chat about your cloud plans? Phone 0203 697 0302

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