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We’re the cloud infrastructure experts who help clients deploy the services they need, in the best configuration for their solution first time, every time.

Deploying Cloud Infrastructure

Moving to the cloud is a linear process, each step is as important as the next and any interruption or delay, however small, has a knock-on effect creating a massive snowball.

Imagine all your employees taking a flight.

Everybody (almost) has boarded, waiting, expecting that last person to arrive late.  They do. Now door closure is delayed along with safety and engine checks. The airline misses its departure slot, incurring fines, and pushing you further back in the queue taxiing to the runway.

During this process, the whole company will be watching. One hiccup will be remembered, but several, and the reputation of the IT department is unfavourably affected.

By not thoroughly planning your cloud project, your data migration plans will be affected along with any subsequent projects.

The process is no different during migration either. There are lots of tools out there you can use to facilitate the migration but none of them will help you assess and plan the process.

Avoiding pitfalls

Did you know?

There’s an Azure machine that costs 5p per day and another that costs £5000 per day.  For us, it’s all about understanding your end goal to choose the correct specification.   For you, it’s all about choosing a partner that understands the Azure pricing model.

Smooth deployments and migrations rely heavily on thorough planning.

Whether you’re looking to configure virtual machines, networks, and gateways, DNS, security groups, or load balancers, our deployment service offers a reliable and structured process that mitigates any risks to your business. We interact with them on a daily basis and have done for years, we know these services inside out.

When you choose igroup to support your cloud deployment, planning begins during the cloud architecture stage.

The architecture workshop provides you with a blueprint which can be used to deploy and configure your chosen cloud platform against a realistic time frame which is documented.

If we’ve provided multiple infrastructure options in our Architecture report, you can choose one of the options or combine aspects from each and if you have existing architecture, select aspects from that to create a hybrid or brand-new architecture.

We’ll help you through the decision process, so we can deliver a successful infrastructure within Azure, AWS or a client’s own infrastructure.

By the time your deployment begins, each step is clearly planned, and any risks have been identified and mitigated.

The deployment carried out by Certified professionals, typically taking between one and ten days depending on the size of the infrastructure. The cloud team can assist you in setting up users after handover and provide full documentation.

After deployment is completed, migration can begin.

Continuing to deliver against the documented time frame, migration commences.  We’ll offer you an optional test migration that our team and yours can inspect to ensure the data is as expected. If all is well, the live migration is then actioned and when completed, we’ll carry out validation.

What makes us different?

There’s a lot to be said about the benefit of experience. Utilising our experience, your business will gain a temporary extension of your team who are focussed solely on the job at hand with the experience of hundreds of successful migrations across multiple versions.

Peace of mind.

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